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Angelo Bianco was born from the desire to offer women the finest quality pieces with a Seoulite Touch.

Modernity and Elegance best qualify Angelo Bianco’s universe. Each pieces are perfectly designed for working woman that want to feel chic, confident and yet comfortable at the same time. Furthermore, the brand not only designs sophisticated clothing, but also beautiful bags and jewels.


Every creation is made out of beautiful fabrics carefully selected to provide the highest quality products to answer every day life’s needs and situation.


Angelo Bianco’s cupro and linen pieces have become wardrobe essentials among fans of the brand!


The brand has gained popularity throughout the several overseas exhibitions it attended like Coterie NYC or Magic Las Vegas.

Based at the heart of the Dongdaemun garment district, Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping complex (gathering 26 shopping malls, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers), Angelo Bianco can acccess to any fabrics they need to produce good quality garment within a short time

The brand is open to collaboration with Private Labels and offers fast time delivery.

Angelo Bianco

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