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ARTHUR McLEAN is the first haute couture brand of leather goods in South Korea. We complete our made-to-order bags in our very own ARTHUR & GRACE Atelier in the good hands of our craftsmen, who have been making bags for over thirty years. We also provide high-end personalized services for optimal customer experience that goes beyond the product itself. ARTHUR McLEAN got its name from the legendary King Arthur, due to our philosophy that the traditions of the present were created in the past. Inspired by the French phrase ‘avec success,’ or ‘with victory’, we use a V for victorious as symbol that we incorporate into all our products. Our standout products are dignified rather than flashy and are made using minimal cuts and decorations in order to be so.



GRACE MIDDLETON focuses on unchanging beauty, particularly on elegance. Drawing inspiration from stars that have lived cinematic lives in the past and stars who live in our current day and age, GRACE MIDDLETON offers value that transcends time. Rather than encouraging you to simply consume a brand’s history and tradition, we continuously create them together. Like the French phrase ‘comme une étoile,’ or ‘like a star,’ we present sophisticated products in the best quality materials that will make you shine. You, after all, are the star.

Arthur & Grace

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