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Hanbo Textile was founded in 1985 and started the sweater knitting business
of its own brand by introducing five knitting machines from "Universal" of
Germany. After that, the company introduced various knitting machines such
as Shimaseki knitting machine and Steiger Intarsia knitting machine, and has
contributed to domestic business.

We expected the shrinking production of sweaters and the weakening of
competitiveness due to the aging of the engineers in manufacturing business
and the weak labor market such as high wages and in 1990, we introduced a
Japanese knitting machine "Shimaseki", which produces a full garment
without sewing in one knitting machine.

“With slogan" of whole garment is art, not fashion", it is the IT industry of the knit textile business or the fourth industry, and it is not
necessary to cut and sew in 3D knit or "future knit". Therefore, since it can be produced as a product with a relatively smal l l abor force
and the loss of yarn is reduced and the amount of yarn is reduced, there is no seam sticking, so it is luxurious with comfort abl e fit and soft

As Korea became an advanced country in 1996, labor
intensive business was handed over to South East Asia where labor costs were
low, and the need for relatively not large number of labor was increasing, we became interested in the global environment and ev en in the
SPA brand starting with the famous brand.

In the case of the whole garment machine, which started with 6 units in the early stage, we have 43 units in total as of 2019, 2 units of 18 gauges, 15 of 15 gauges, 10 of 12 gauges, 10 of 8 gauges and 6 of 7 gauges, so we have the largest number of whole garment machines in Korea and we have been equipped with hardware and software that can program all kinds of sweaters and machines that can knit various thickness of the sweater according to customer needs.

In 2016, we expanded the company's post processing facilities and professional workforce to make finished products available. Therefore, we have built the trust of domestic and foreign buyers by knitting, processing, finishing and packaging when the yarn is rece ive d. Starting in 2017, we have been attending regular overseas exhibitions and consultations in various countries, starting in Paris, France, and are
striving to aggressively expand the market for exports.

Currently, we are delivering products to leading brands in Korea such as Handsome Co., Ltd. and Shinsegae International Co., Ltd and we export products to Japan and Russia.
Beginning in 2018, we have opened two wholesale stores in Dongdaemun Market to eliminate intermediate distribution margins in existing OEM system and we have identified the needs of consumers for fashions and created a basis for consumers to purchase and wear whole garments at a reasonable price.

Especially since 2018, we have been paying attention to the rapidly growing knit shoe market in the whole world, and domestic leading brands have manufactured in China and imported from there, but we have introduced related machinery and developed our own design to start OEM of domestic famous brand and supplied shoes knit through localizing relying on import. 

We at Hanbo Textile Co., Ltd. will do its best to make every effort to be an honest and respected company based on sincerity and faithfulness.

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