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A buttoncover is an accessory that,literally,covers buttons on clothes and is easy to wear or change.

Modern line,

MIK’s main item is the button cover.
A button cover is an accessory that, literally, covers buttons on clothes and is easy to wear or change.
We live in a world that abounds with accessories and fashion items for women. In comparison, men do not have as wide selection of style-defining items from which to choose – even though men’s interest in fashion today is rapidly growing. The button cover, an innovative accessory reborn through the contemporary jewelry brand MIK, offers consumers fresh ways to style their looks.
MIK strives to establish the grounds to make the button cover be recognized as a type of jewelry in its own right. To achieve this, MIK continuously researches and develops ways to improve not only the functionality, but also the aesthetic beauty of the button cover through its exclusive designs.
MIK represents its style through three different lines – Modern, Unique, and Black Label (Time).
Boasting its designer’s chic sense and attention to its details, MIK also represents the state of Korean design today and will strive to add more Korean elements to its designs to contribute to furthering the advance of Korean design in the global community and increasing the use of the button cover worldwide


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