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Created in 2010, minitz has been focusing on women’s simple style wear. The identity of minitz reflects the designer's philosophy of the practical chic and it pursues natural refinement and comfortable styling which is not bound specific trends by using the natural colors and fabrics.

This is a brand for women which creates your own unique style on matter how you wear it, and reflects your own special identity.

The brand also brings out the casual and free spirits of the women of all ages. minitz helps to show your personality and charm by using basic colors, natural materials and simple lines.

The brand is currently sold in many countries around the world, and continues to participate in major fashion trade show and show their collections in main showrooms in Europe and United States.




Minitz provides generally modern and simple line with a little variation. It pursues natural and comfortable styling which is not bound by specific trends. It ensures it uses high quality fabrics and best colors that are natural and comfortable. At minitz, customers can enjoy various mix and match as well as splendid personality.


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