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"Monte Varchi Bespoke Atelier is a men's clothing designer and Spartan 'Monica Ko' who started studying at a clothing academy at the age of 15. In order to solve the problems arising from running his own tailor shop, he organized a tailor shop and went to study in Florence, Italy in January 2013.

After that, I thought that what I was learning at an Italian school was like Korea, and I started learning things by visiting famous Sartos in Italy. As "Hanbok" cannot be made as well as in Korea, the history of suits in Korea is far shorter than in the West, so Montebarki makes Italian suits based on the body types of Italians, who are most similar to Korean men. They wanted to learn their own stubborn skills and patterns to create an Italian Korean suit.

So, the "Monte Varchi bespoke atelier" is a classic style that only Monte Barchi thinks, with classic and elegance as the basic style of the fabric itself, showing the pattern and quality of Monte Barqui, and possessing world-class fabrics. We create the best clothes that only we can make in a changing age based on our inspiration.

After returning to Korea in 2015, customers wearing the suits we made with the pride that human "hands" cannot match any machine based on the demanding work process of the craftsmen and the best of the best craftsmen. It aims to create the world's best suit that has never been felt before.It introduces Monte Bark's unique identity to its customers and attracts Monte Bark's noble customers, and now more than 1000 fixed customers I'm looking for a bespoke atelier." Monica Koh - Founder and Designer of Monte Varchi.

Monte Varchi

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