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Mustus means 'Fresh' in Latin.

It's been named to give fresh energy for your skin by studying
various phytochemicals in fresh plants.

Mustus is a brand that researches Phytochemicals,
the special energy in natural plants.

Phytochemical is a compound word of "Phyto", meaning plant
comes from Greek and "Chemical" which means chemistry.
It means chemical compounds naturally produced by plants.

Mustus studies numerous phytochemicals to find out the most effective substance for the skin.

'Is an ingredient good for the skin if it is eatable?',
'The more the good ingredients are contained, the better?

Mustus does not suggest anything vague.
Mustus is a natural cosmetic brand which always studies.

"Plants are enough by themselves."

This is our conclusion for the skin by studing Phytochemicals
which are the energy of plants.
Mustus does not use any unnecessary animal or mineral raw materials,
Ultimately, we aim for 'skin vegetarian'.
(Entire products of Mustus are free from animal-derived ingredients)


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