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Jewelry designer Cha Sun-young was born in Seoul in 1982.

After studying at Seoul Arts High School and Ewha Womans University, she begins studying metal crafts at Central Saint Martins in London, England. During his attendance at the British Museum, the work that won the British Art Medal Society competition was collected at The British Museum, and at the 2007 S / S London Fashion Week, designer Jonathan Saunders' runway jewelry design and In charge of production, he enters the world of fashion jewelry.

Through the growth process in two cities in Asia and Europe, where contemporaneity and traditional values ​​are respected and compatible at the same time, in Seoul and London, she continues the age and generation in which jewelry can be beautiful not only from a modern point of view but also from a traditional point of view. You will pursue the world of jewelry that can shine with valuable sparkle.
In 2008, the launch of the fine jewelry brand Panache, which means 'decoration of feathers on a helmet'. I believe that the soft and romantic combination of a cold and hard metal helmet and feathers adorning it is similar to the fact that jewelry is made of rough metal but ultimately serves to maximize the delicate and beautiful appearance of women.

Her unique jewelery features the contrast between opaque and transparent gems, a structure that resists stereotyping, and the delicate details of engraving and finishing. Among them, she mainly uses opaque gems such as large coral and turquoise. I prefer to create a bold and cool feeling. In particular, in recent years, two or three types of jewelry have been proposed in one jewelry so that the wearer can freely produce them in any way they want, and they are loved by fresh sensations that add to the decorative characteristics of existing jewelry.

Panache Cha Sunyoung

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