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"We would create unique products in print & pattern with chromatic & achromatic colors. The motive from the nature, we call “New naturism”


The design hand drawing we put in
Inspired by the surrounding nature.
That ’s what ‘Prinmatic’ pursues.
It is thought and material.


“Free emotions and thought changes
What's new from what we're used to
To discover. ”
'Prinmatic' is your personality
Adds a unique sensibility.
Expressing inspiration from nature through storytelling images
It is a design method of the prinic.
Above all, the designer's hand-drawn pattern represents the “NEW NATURE” sensibility.
The pattern design with the designer's story
It is finished with a product with unique sensibility.


A brand name created by combining prints, patterns, and the words chromatic and achromatic.
Based on all the sensational ideas that look at nature and feel as new as it is, the pattern drawn by the designer by hand is pursued by the brand.
It contains the emotions of
Prinmatic collaborates with “ART” and “FASHION” to “Art-Product Design”
To create new values.


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