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Tia Korea


Tia Korea is South Korea’s newest, sensational and iconic fashion jewelry brand established in 2016.

Founder & Creative Director Tia Kim recognised “THE NICHE” in the current fashion jewelry scene, designing and creating an unconventional market strategy for this space, as highlighted by Tia Korea’s own and self-operated retail store business in Hong Kong.

Since its HK opening, Tia Korea counts numerous international VIPs including celebrities,beauty pageants winners and influencers among her regular customers.

Exclusively in this event, Tia Korea will showcase three unique and distinctive new collections:
Collection Oriental Garden, created in the spirit of “East-meets-West”, displaying fusion crafting and design inspired by ancient Asian gardens.

Collection Amuse Bouche, inspired by French fine dining, showcases creations with unlimited motives and inventions that represent flamboyance and the celebration of life.
Collection Mondrian, inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, presents abstract expressions and a glimpse into the future, with colours and accents to empower today's "Alpha Female".

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