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WNDERKAMMER refers to "My very own secret place" where I've collected every stuff to remerber the moment before the Camera shows up.

The nature of WUNDERKAMMER, has been influenced by U.S based photographer Ryan McGinley. Even though most of his subjects are naked, his works represent freedom and naturalism rather than obscene orgreed.
In addition, his subjects have the most dominant power in the frame. His unique style makes his work recognizable by manypeople.
WUNDERKAMMER seeks for basic, simple and minimalistic style rather than fancy and colorful collections but leaves a strong impression. We call it as ‘MildCharisma’.

WNDERKAMMER is Simple, Natural, Lyrical, Classical, Mignon, Adonis, and Immaturity of emotions as European style, mixing mannish style with femininity reinterpreted as simple and naturalsentiment.
We want to make our customer appeal their unique personality and stand out themselves throughWNDERKAMMER.

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